Fire in Florence?

When I was in Florence last year (May 2015), I walked towards the San Miniato al Monte. This is a beautiful church on a hill on the southside of the city. It is a steep climb, but the church and the view over Florence are well worth it.

That morning I left the hotel early and I walked along the Uffizi and the river Arno when I saw a column of smoke above the rooftops. It seemed there was a fire somewhere in Florence. Only I did not hear any alarms or sirens, I only saw the smoke.

I decided to walk on, thinking that if there was a fire, I would soon see if it was nothing or if it was something that would prevent me from continuing my walk. During my walk, I noticed nothing.

When I arrived at the San Miniato al Monte, I still saw the smoke.

But this time, I saw where the smoke was coming from. This gentleman was working in his olivegarden, and was burning something. It was a controled fire and not a huge blaze threatening the artworks of Florence. (my imagination was running wild, as you can see)

It was just a gardener at work.
I watched this gentleman in his garden working, and I imagine that he would be there almost every day, tending the olivetrees, pruning, making sure everything was as it should be.

For a moment I really envied him, being able to work in that garden in Florence, able to see the view over the city every day. But then I knew I had to be content with the moments in Florence I had and I knew I wanted to make the most of it. And I certainly did!

So in a way, this gentleman never realized, but he taught me a lesson I will never forget.


  1. Are you going any where fun like Florence again this summer?

    1. Venice in a couple of weeks!!! (really looking forward to that, despite the warmth and the many other tourists :-) )

      Kind regards,

    2. Oh, how wonderful! I've always wanted to go to Venice. Have lots of fun! (And take lots of photos.) :)

    3. I will, don't worry! And I will tell you all about it over here :-)

      Kind regards,


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