Exhibition, Russian Realists in The Netherlands

Ilya Repin, self portrait
In Assen at the Drents museum they have an absolutely amazing exhibition right now.
During the 19th century the painters had to conform to the rules of the Academies. In France there was the Salon, in Russian the Imperial Academy.

Painters had to study for several years before they had to take an exam and only after that would they be offered a salary.

In 1870 a group of painters wanted more freedom. They were called the Peredvizhniki or the Wanderers, since they travelled around with their exhibitions.

They were influenced by French realist painter Courbet and painted every day Russian life, peasants, the Russian landscape and paid attention to folkore and (literary) heroes.

I visited the exhibition last week and I must tell you, if you have the chance: go and visit the Drents museum and see this exhibition.
It is absolutely amazing. The paintings are so divers and wonderful and they moved me to tears sometimes.

One of the most famous Russian paintings is Barge haulers on the Volga by Ilya Repin and it is as important to Russia as the Nightwatch is to The Netherlands, but this beautiful painting is even on display in Assen.
Ilya Repin, Barge haulers on the Volga 1870-1873

At the schooldoor, Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky 1897

Midnight. In the country, Isaac Levitan 1897
Peredvizhniki, Russian realists around Repin 1870-1900 can be seen until April 2nd, 2017.


  1. How nice. I love getting a chance to see art from "new" artists.

    1. I am to please! :-)
      It was really beautiful and I like writing about it, so even if people are not able to see the exhibition, they do get an impression.

      Kind regards,


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