Italian books and books about Italy

When I love a certain subject, or am interested in a certain topic, my first instinct is to buy a book about it. When I am very interested or love it very much, I buy a lot of books!

When I began to become interested in Italy in general and Rome specifically, I began my collection of books about Italy. A little bit later I also began to read Italian authors in Dutch translation and nowadays I can say I read many Italian writers.

I keep my Italian books in my bedroom. The first two shelves are books set in Italy , like the Commissario Brunetti series by Donna Leon (second shelf!) or the Ceasar books by Conn Iggulden and the Gordianus series by Steven Saylor. (first shelf)

The third shelf is mainly books from people who lived in Italy and travelguides.
The fourth and fifth shelves are full with history, history of Rome and the Roman empire and later Italy.

The last two shelves are the novels and thrillers from Italian authors.

The novels I love the most are in the bookcases in the living room.

Here you see some of my favorite books of all times; The books by Beppe Fenoglio, Margaret Mazzantini, Fabrio Genovese, Sandro Veronesi, Giorgio Fontana, Cesare Pavese, Umberto Eco, and many, many more.

I will tell you about what my favorite Italian books are and why in a later post!


  1. Wow. That's a great collection! I can't wait to hear about some of your favorites. I'm familiar with Umberto Eco, but haven't read many of the others. :)

    1. The collection did grow over a couple of years, and I am a bit proud of it, I must admit :-)
      The problem with Italian authors is that not all of many get translated into English, which is a real shame.

      Kind regards,

    2. I know. I hate that, too. Especially because I don't read Italian. :)


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