Statue of Bartje in Assen, Drente
This little fellow is 'Bartje'. He is the main character in a novel from the 19th century, set in the province of Drente.

In the 19th century most people who lived here were exceptionally poor. Their diet was not very varied.
Bartje became famous for the scene in the novel where he is tired of eating beans again and pulls away his plate while he shouts he will not pray for beans.

In September there is a huge festival to celebrate Bartje's birthday, and this has games etc for childeren under the age of 13.

This statue was first made of stone, but this one was damanged and finally they made one in bronze. It has been stolen quite a few times, but luckily it has been found again every time.


  1. What a cute character!
    I just started reading Constellation by Adrien Bosc and I'm really enjoying it...especially all the interesting historical tidbits in it about Cuba, and Disney, and the Basque shepherds that emigrated to America, that I never knew before. Thanks for recommending this book!

    1. That is so good to hear, yes I also loved reading about these historical details I never knew about. I am glad you enjoy it so much!
      (and Bartje is cute!)

      Kind regards,


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