A long-term reading project

Together with my mum I have a little readinggroup. The only members are the two of us and we meet every six weeks, One of us picks the book and it is really good fun to discuss a book with just my mother, but in the way like it is a real book-club (we even prepare questions etc). 

Well, my mum got a little ambitious when she had to pick our next book and she came with The brothers Karamazov by Russian writer Dostojevski. In my version there are 1005 pages.

So how do I tackle this huge task? Because I have to finish it on time ánd at school we are really busy with the final exams etc. Not the best time in the schoolyear to get lost in a story like this. I needed a system!!

Well, I have worked out I need to read 25 pages a day. And I came up with a system with two postcards. One postcard shows the page I am on, and the second postcard shows me to which page I need to read. 

Whenever I am not able to read my daily quotum, the last postcard gets moved another 25 pages, so I keep track of where I need to be in the book to finish on time. 

So far, I am enjoying the story very much. It is rich and has lots of people and even more details, but that is typical for 19th century Russian novels, it seems (you need to do something during those long winters) 


  1. How fun that you and your mom have your own book club. Good luck finishing The Brothers Karamazov! It's such a long book...I think that's why I've never tried to read it myself. :) Hope you enjoy it.

    1. Well, it is a challenge, I must admit. It is not a book you read easily, at least I do not read it easily.
      The bookclub with my mum is fun, we really enjoy it!

      Kind regards,


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