My balcony

Last week I cleaned my balconies and bought new plants for the Summer. I love buying new plants and making my balconies look like little paradises!

Here is my balcony that is next to my living room. It gets a lot of sun during the afternoon and it can get very warm here.
This first photograph is taken from the window.

Here you see the largest group of plants. On the old chair I have placed a huge basket with several different plants, all in blue. I love blue. The high white plant is a Jasmine and at the front you can vee three herbs, Thyme, Lavender and Sage. 

A small table and two chairs are all I need. On the table are a few plants, like Lavender and violets. My mum gave the violets to me, since we too my car to the garden-centre and that way she was also able to get her plants home.

In this corner I thought I had a great combination, but in truth the hydrangea does not like the sun, so I have placed him on the other balcony that is not as sunny as this one is. I hope he will be happier there.

This is the other balcony. Here is less sun, and it is a lot smaller. Since I never sit here, I do not put a lot of plants here, just a few to make it look nice. The orange plant is called in Dutch: Suzanna met de mooie ogen, Susannah with the beautiful eyes. I do not know what it is called in English. 


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