Home improvement: the coffee table

Last week I was browsing on Pinterest and I must say this is more inspirational than I ever thought. I especially loved the images of beautifully styled coffee-tables.

I used to have a wooden coffe table that was quite small and to be honest I never gave styling a lot of thought.
But since a couple of months I have a new coffee-table, a beautful large one made of glass. I love it, it is so stylish and chic. Only, I did not quite know what to put on it. Pinterest gave me a lot if ideas. And I learned a few things about styling a coffee-table as well. Grouping things together on a tray for example. In that way you can still put a lot of stuff on it, but it will look composed and put-together.

Adding layers by putting down lovely coffee-table books was another thing, just as putting down plants and something quirky and fun.

Well, I did my best.

Since I already have some beautiful art-catalogs on the lower shelf of my table, I decided not to put another stack of books on top of the coffeetable.

I did buy a tray and opted for a silver one (not too shiney), that was round. I thought it made a nice contrast with the glass squareness of the table.

First I put down some plants on the tray. I already owned the two little orchirds, but I bought the green plant in the tall blue pot. Love that colour!

In a fair trade shop I often buy these little birds made in Zimbabwe. This tall one I bought especially for this display. The little one I already had.
And I put down a little egg, I bought in my favorite Russian museum (The Hermitage in Amsterdam).

I also experimented with other bird statues and a blue and white vase, but this seemed to be the most beautiful display of them all. I also like how the tray is not completely full and stuffed with things. The objects on it are still visible in a very nice way and are highlighted.

The last two things I added were these vase of flowers. I love flowers but I do not always have them. When I do not have flowers, I usually have a nice green plant on that corner. And I added three little tea-lights, in green and blue.

So this is the end result, and I am very pleased with it!! In truth, it is not so much different than it was before, but somehow the tray makes all the difference and I love it!