The reading spot of my dreams

Reading is my favourite way to spend time. I can easily read for an entire afternoon and when that happens, I hardly notice the world around me. 

I enjoy imagining my ideal spot to read, and there are a few things that come to mind whenever I design it in my dreams.  

First of all, I like light, a lot of light. This could be natural light from huge windows, or when it is dark outside, from a lamp. 

I love the light from the many windows in this photograph!
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I am a bit particular about my lamps, there are not many lamps I like. A bit of an industrial feel to it makes a lamp beautiful for me.
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Secondly, I like somewhere comfortable to sit. A sofa with a lot of cushions is great, but a comfy chair can also work very well. In that case I do need something extra to put my feet up, because for me that is the best way to sit and read.

A very comfortable couch in a beautiful colour, with a lot of cushions. 
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And these chairs also look comfortable to read in, and I love their colours!
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I prefer neutral colours, like white and grey, for my furniture. That combines very well with my favourite shades of blue, green and turquois.
For me, a room with this colour scheme is not cold or boring. There are splashes of colour, coming from a couple of things: the books, cushions, art and of course, plants.

The pink chair works very well here, although I would prefer it to be green or blue. 
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Not enough books on these shelves, but I love the idea of putting beautiful ornaments together and I love the colours in this photograph as well.
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The bookcases are important. I do not like dark wooden bookcases, but prefer light wood or white ones. It is not the English library look I want, more the Scandinavian loft! 😊

I like my bookcases in rows, covering the whole wall. But I also combine books and plants on the shelves and decorate with souvenirs from my vacations or childhood.

These bookcases have both beautiful books and souvernirs and momento's. Lovely. 
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And if you have a bookcase that is a bit irregular, you can also put plants and artwork on top of it, making a lovely display. I love how they made the bookshelves and the art very playful and easy looking. It looks like it came together naturally, and not like a stylist worked on it. 
Source (via Pinterest)
My drink of choice while I read is a cup of tea and you need a place to put your cup, so the last thing in my readingroom would be a large coffee-table. Large enough not only to hold my cup of tea, but also stacks of books, and lots of plants and flowers. Some people can really make something beautiful out of a simple thing like a coffee-table, almost making it a piece of art in itself.

Love these beautiful orchids and those blue pots.
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Beautiful light, neutral colours, a comfy couch and a wall full of books. This appartment seems to have it all!
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In a room like this, I do not think I would ever leave! But when I look around my own living room, I know I am very fortunate, because I already see a lot of the elements I love. But it was great fun to look around the web to find the imagines that I felt made my imaginary room visible.
My own reading-spot!

My wall with my bookcases
As you can see this article was a collaboration with, who asked me to dream about my favorite reading spot and be inspired.
I had fun finding the images that showed my imagination and I hope you are inspired as well!


  1. Great post! I love that first room with the high ceiling and all those windows. And the built-in bookshelves! I would love to have a reading room like that. :)

    1. Thanks, I had huge fun putting it together. The first room has great windows, but my favorite room is the one with the blue sofa from Arhaus, the one with the pink chair and the one with the beautiful window with the sofa right underneath. So hard to make a choice!! :-)

      Kind regards,

    2. That's a good one, too. I do love that pink chair!
      I bet you could get a lot of reading done in a room like that. :)

    3. Somehow I think that we would like a room if it only had a bookcase and a comfy chair! We don't need anything else, just books is enough!

      Kind regards,


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