Art cannot be found only in museums and galleries, but also on the street. Graffiti and paintings form some pretty interesting images sometimes. Not always beautiful, but often funny or interesting.

Sometimes I feel streetart is commenting on (political) issues in that city, but often I do not know the background of the image. And some of them may not have such a background and it is just an image without a deeper meaning.

I just know that I often see streetart and most of the time I really enjoy it.
Porto, March 2018. It was in an alley, so I could not get a very clear photo. 

Bologna, May 2017

Porto, March 2018

Florence, May 2015
Paris, October 2017


  1. How fun that you saw such amazing art on the streets of all these places! I love the Vermeer-esque one the best.

    1. That one is pretty amazing! If you start paying attention, you see more and more in every city you visit.

      Kind regards,


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