Odilon Redon: a unique artist

Bouquet of wild flowers (1905)
A few weeks ago I saw an exhibition about the French artist Odilon Redon (1840-1916). I did not know much about him, but I was bown away by what I saw and how beautiful his work is.

He was an avid reader and a good violinist and he was inspired by both literature and music. He made lithographies by works from Baudelaire and Fontaine, was inspired by the opera's from Wagner, but he also had a lot of interest in science.

When he was younger, he made very dark lithographies, that he called his noirs. Later in life he switched to pastels and oil paint.

His work is still and almost dreamlike, but you can feel there is an extra layer in his work, these are not superficial little drawings.

I really loved it and I am glad I was able to see the exhibition before it closed. It can now be seen in Copenhagen, Denmark: Odilon Redon, La littérature et la musique

Pegasus, (1895-1900)

Chimera (Fantastic monster) Tadpole (1883)

Church window (1908)


  1. Oh, I love Odilon Redon! I'm so happy that you got to see an exhibition of his works. (And a little jealous, too!)

    1. I understand why you love him, I was amazed with his work, it is so very beautiful! I feel very happy I saw the exhibition, especially since it was the last week.

      Kind regards,


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