Wrapping up October

The month is almost over and it is time to look back. What did I do?

I went to an exhibition in the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, about Paul Gaugain and Charles Laval at Martinique. I do not have any sympathy for Gaugain because I think he treated Van Gogh horribly, but I must admit I really liked his paintings from the tropical island of Martinique.

It was not a big exhibition, but I have a museumcard that gives me free admission and the museum is close to my school, so it is easy to pop in for a quick visit.

I had a good reading month! In September I only read six books, which is not a lot for me, but this month it was good again.
I read four french novels, two were very good, one was quite good and one was very, very (very!) bad!

I read a couple of recent novels that I really enjoyed, like Happiness  by Arminatta Forna, Warlight by Michael Ondaatje and After  the party by Cressida Connolly.

I also finished the Russian classic Anna Karenina. There is a new Dutch translation and it is very good. It is more modern and that makes reading 1000 pages a little more easy!

For the rest I read a book about the Kennedy's and enjoyed myself one saturday with the Tanith Lee classic The blood of roses. She was amazing at building a world and making it very, very creepy. I read the book a couple of times before and I once I begin, I cannot put it down.

Last week it was the autumn vacation and I went to Paris for a couple of days. I had a lovely time and I will share some photo's coming week.

I am so happy with my camera and I often just walk outside to make photographs and to get more familiair with using the manual mode.

And this weekend I got a new little Russian Hamster. I had little hamsters before (more than 10 years ago), but nowadays there is a lot more information on how to make sure you take proper care of your pet. I love these cute animals, but I took a long time to read up on things and decide what kind of cage etc I should get. I am quite pleased with the cage I finally bought, although it took me almost an hour to assemble the thing! There are a few things I want to change in the coming week, but overal it is a good cage for such a little animal.

Silvia is a bit interested, but she is mainly curious. To be safe, I do put her in my study at night and on days I am working. There is a Dutch saying you should not bind a cat to the speck, or in this case: the hamster.

Her name is Vera, by the way.

So, October was a good month for me, and I cannot wait what November will bring!


  1. Six books is a fine number. Congrats on the new hamster. They’re so cute.

    1. Thank you, Vera is terribly cute!

      Kind regards,

  2. I don't much like Gauguin as a person either, but he does have some amazing paintings to his name. And that book, After the Party looks really good...and if you liked it then I know it must be good. And congrats on your new little hamster. I hope you post a picture of her soon. :)

    1. I will post about After the party coming Friday :-) I liked the book very much and I think you will like it as well! I know you like a good historical novel.

      I will try to make a good photograph of Vera, she is just very quick and it is not easy :-)

      Kind regards,


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