My thoughts on dr. Who

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman as the Doctor (12) and Clara
I really like the series Dr. Who. For those of you who do not know about it, it is a British sci-fi series about an alien, a Time Lord, who can travel in time and space.

He usually travels in a spaceship that looks on the outside like a fifties police-phonebox, but is much larger on the inside (TARDIS: Time And Relative Dimensions in Space). He is called the Doctor, and usually travels with a human companion.

It was already a huge hit in the sixties and in 2005 they began with new episodes. The doctor can regenerate, so every now and then he has a new face and each doctor also has its own personality.

Doctor Nine (Chris Eccleston) was really great in my mind, but I loved David Tennant as Doctor Ten. I also really liked Doctor Eleven (Matt Smith), and absolutely adored Doctor Twelve (Peter Capaldi).

On the whole I really like the companions, since they give us the human view on what the Doctor does. He is an alien and although he often helps the Earth, he is not human. It is in the interaction with the companions that the Doctor becomes relatable.

Donna was amazing (Catherine Tate), but I also liked Amy and Rose and Clara. And if I am honest, there was not a companion I really disliked.

Of course there are some episodes that were not as interesting or as good, and I usually love the historical episodes more than the space-episodes (as you can imagine), but on the whole the show has very good writing and some episodes are excellent (Blink comes to mind especially)

Doctor 13
And now to the new Doctor, number Thirteen. The Doctor is now regenerated into a woman, played by Jodie Whittaker. I do not mind this, for me, the Doctor can be anything and anybody. Colour or gender are not important. So why is it that I am disappointed and find this series a bit lacking?

I liked the first episode, and loved the two first historical episodes with Rosa Parks and the one about the partition of India.
But the space episodes were bland and I must admit I thought they were even boring.

There are three companions and it is not a good sign that I still cannot remember all of their names. I know Graham and I like him, but I think the girl is called Jaz or Jasmine and the boy? I really could not say. I also feel they do not really bring much to the table and we could do without them.

And the Doctor herself is also not as good as I had hoped she would be. Somehow she can be overlooked in an episode, and previous Doctors could never be overlooked!

There has been a lot of critizism that the show has become too PC, and I do think that is a valid thing to say. Doctor Who has always been a series that is very inclusive, but in a subtle way. In many episodes in this newest series, I think it is too much 'in your face'.  And that is not helping much to make the episodes more interesting.

I heard Jody Whittaker is already leaving the show again after one season, but I do hope the next Doctor (and I really do not mind who will play the next doctor (Idris Elba? Emilia Fox?)) will make the series great again.


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