Exhibition: Treasury in the Hermitage

Madonna and child under an apple tree
(Lucas Cranach the Elder) 1527
In Amsterdam there is a satelite-museum of the Hermitage in Sint Petersburg in Russia. There has been a collaboration since 2004, and in 2009 the Dutch Hermitage moved into a newly renovated building.

In the past ten years numerous amazing exhibitions could be seen here.

I am a member of the Society of Friends of the Hermitage, because I love this museum so much.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary, there will be two extra amazing exhibitons this year.
The first one opened last weekend and is called Treasury. 

In this exhibition you can find an impression of the richness of the Hermitage (which has 3 million works of art and artefacts). There are archeological finds, one even 25.000 years old, there are paintings, furniture, artefacts, and so much more.

In the large hall where the exhibition begins, they have made 16 pairs of artworks, to challenge you to look and to make comparisons. For example a modern artwork of a swan, with the felt swan that is 2400 years old that was found in a grave, or a Western European painting of Saint George, with a Russian icon etc.
Felt swan, symbol of leadership, found in a Russian grave, 2400 years old. 

Golden panthers on a vase made of Jaspis, made in Jekatarinaburg, 1802

Portrait of Harriet Greer, by George Romney (18th century)
Portrait of Zinaida Joesoepova by Valentin Serov (19th century)

On the second floor you can meander through the times and periods of history, just like you can in the large Hermitage in St. Petersburg.
Detail of a costume for a horse, in the funeral of a leader.

Detail of an 18th century gown.

The exhibition Treasury is amazing and can be seen until 25th of August 2019. So if you have the chance and if you are in Amsterdam, do not hesitate to visit. I think we are very fortunate to have a special museum like the Dutch Hermitage in Amsterdam.


  1. I'm only a little jealous that you have such great art museums so close by. ;D

    1. We have great museums here, not just in Amsterdam, but in the whole of the country. I am very fortunate to be able to visit so many of them with all those great exhibitions.

      Kind regards,


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