The garden at the Singer museum

In the Dutch town of Laren is one of my favorite museums: The Singer museum. I often come here, since it is not even half an hour by car from my house.

The American couple Anna and William Singer moved to this lovely town which housed a lot of artists and built a villa there.

William was a painter himself and they had a lot of contacts with artists from all over the world. They collected art and their collection is now the foundation of the Singer museum.
Recently it has been renovated and a new theater has been built alongside the villa and usually it has amazing exhibitions.

There is also a very beautiful garden, designed by Dutch landscape architect Piet Oudolf. There are also many artworks in this garden, forming the perfect combination of nature and art.

Last time I was there, I walked around in the garden, and took a few photographs with my phone. Just enough to get an impression.

The sprinkler installation is not part of the sculpture. At least, I do not think so...


  1. I can see why you go there so often. It's charming. And I love those elephants! :)

    1. If I remember correctly, the elephants were part of an art-project. It is all very lovely!

      Kind regards,


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