What have I been doing?

School has been busy and for the coming weeks it will stay that way. I hope to get more air in my timetable in May, but I need to be patient for a few more weeks.

Despite all the things at school I try to read beautiful book, see good movies and do fun things.

I have been reading a few wonderful books. One of them is Woman of the ashes by Mia Coutho, a writer from Mozambique. I really like this book and I will write a review later.

I also read a couple of good Agatha Christies, like Ordeal by Innocence and Murder in Mesopotamia, both excellent.

From the French schelf I read Summer by Monica Sabolo, very good, but not translated into English.

Also not translated into English is a book by the Dutch author Kader Abdolah I read. I did find out his book from last year has been translated into English, and I think I will review that soon, since it was a book I absolutely loved!!

I have I do not watch any Netflix at all, but this week I discovered a few series I liked. First I saw Dirty John, both the documentary and the drama-series. It was compelling to watch, very fascinating. I really liked the two actors who played the main characters, they did a good job.
Connie Britton and Eric Bana as Debra Newell and Johyn Meehan in Dirty John

After that I saw Wild wild country about the Baghwan. I remember that when I was young you would see people dressed in red clothes with a necklace of wooden beads around their neck. You do not see them anymore, I think, and I had almost forgotten about them. The documentary is long and sometimes a bit boring, but on the whole it was fascinating to see how things turned wrong.

I do admire the followers of Baghwan for building a city from nothing, but on the whole I was flabbergasted about these people and that they were willing to give up everything for a man who drove several rollls royces and a staff that mainly consisted of fanatics.

Then I saw a documentary about a man who had three wives (Three wives and one husband, I think it was called), about a polygamist from the group of fundamental Mormons. Well, what can I say. I cannot help it, these people can proclaim they are so happy, but to me they look quite miserable.

I have not been to any exhibitions in the past few weeks, but I hope to go to the Van Gogh museum this week to see the Hockney exhibiton and in two weeks I will got with a friend to The Hague to the exhibition about the phographs from Erwin Olaf. Looking forward to both!