Books I want to read

The fun of Summer Vacation is that I have all the time in the world. I have time to read, something that was a bit hard to find in the past weeks, when we had to teach online (that took so much energy!). 

I have some beautiful books lined up that I am looking forward to. I am not sure in what order and I am not even sure I will read all of them in the following weeks, but at this moment these are a few of the books on my radar. 

(there is actually a chance I will not read any of these, but many others. But it is nice to have a plan. Or at least to look like I have a plan).

Love for Italy
I love, love, love Italian literature. Non of these have been translated into English yet. The big book M by Antonio Scurati is a novel about Mussolini, the book by Claudia Durastanti (the stranger), is a book about her parents (I believe) and Christian Frascella wrote a thriller set in Turin. 

I have two books set in the South, The heart is a lonely hunter by CArson McCullers (I loved her other books) and The twelve-mile straight by Eleanor Henderson, that sounds really intriguing. 
Also I want to read The Dutch house by Ann Patchett. This has been on my shelves since Christmas, since it was a present from my parents. Now, I finally want to read it. 

Paris (or France) is always a good idea
French literature is always a good idea, and I have several good French books lined up. 
A new edition of a book by Francoise Sagan, the latest novel by David Foenkinos, the debut novel by Christophe Boltanski and a new book by Leila Slimani. This one is not a thriller, but a novel about her family. 
And of course the classic The masterpiece by Emile Zola, in a new Dutch translation. 

Africa or India or South America (at least somewhere that is not Europe)
I like to read books set in India or in one of the many countries in Africa. I also wanted to learn a little bit more about Suriname, a former Dutch colony in South America. 
I have here The far field by Madhuri Vijay, Behold the dreamers by Imbolo Mbue en two books set in Suriname: The cost of sugar by Cynthia McLeod and a Dutch book about a woman who wants to discover the history of her grandmother, who is from Suriname. 

More than enough to keep me occupied!