Since I have my new camera (well, it is hardly new anymore), but since I am taking my photography more seriously, I try to look at my surroundings with a different eye. I try to see beauty in things I would not have seen before and try to see if it worth a photograph. 

These pipes are in themselves not really beautiful, but I like how they are stacked up here and I think the composition of nice. 
I was pleased with this photograph, if I am honest :-) 


  1. It's a great photo! Good job. :D

  2. I like this! You should really try Instagram, if you are into taking photos. There's lots of inspiration on there - people take pictures of the most mundane things, but the compositions and angles make the photos special.

    1. I do like instagram, but `I always forget to make photo's with my phone, I usually bring my camera. So somehow I always forget to make a photo with my phone as well.

      Kind regards,


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