Woman on a balcony in Paris

Many Dutch artist went to Paris around 1900, to learn about the new and modern art movements. One of the most famous of the Dutch painters of the 19th century is Isaac Israels. 

He was born in 1865 and was trained as a painter by his father, also a famous 19th century Dutch artist. He was very talented and painted in different genres, like city life, portraits and landscapes. In 1905 he moved to Paris where he lived until 1913. 

He died in 1934, after being hit by a car. 

Last week I saw this paining in an exhibition, and I loved it the moment I saw it. I think the period 1880-1914 is my favorite when it comes to art, and this fits in perfectly. I love the clothes the lady is wearing, but most of all, the way Isaac Israels plays with the light and shadow in this work. Her white blouse catches the light, while her face is in the shadow, due to her hat. 

The work is undated, but I would say it is painted around 1905, first of all because that is when he was in Paris and secondly because of her clothes. 


  1. I really like Israels' paintings! I'd love to see more of his work someday.

    1. Yes, I really like his work as well! (and I'll see what I can do :-) )

      Kind regards,


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