What have I been doing? (Februari 2021)

Things have been hectic over here, especially at school. I feel like a lot of the time I am running behind on things, and this is not a good feeling. I do try to get some balance back and I do enjoy the moments I find for myself to read, write, go outside for a walk or watch a good series on DVD (still no Netflix, I am oldfashioned like that). 


I read two excellent thrillers by Michael Robotham, one of my favorite thrillerwriters. These are a new series with psychologist Cyrus Haven. The two books Good girl, bad girl and When she was good, are well written, with an excellent plot and very likeable characters.  I am hoping part three will be out soon. 

I also read the new Elena Ferrante: The lying life of adults which I really liked and I read the latst book by one of my favorite French authors Sylvain Tesson. This book: The art of patience, seeking the snow leopard in Tibet, will be available in English translation in July 2021. I can really recommend it, it is beautiful. 


I try to go outside for a walk most days of the week, especially after a long day of sitting behind a screen (I hate online teaching). This weekend, we had snow in The Netherlands, and on Sunday I was out at 9 am, to walk and make photographs. 

It was very cold (temperature felt like 15 degrees Centrigrade below zero), but I loved it. At some places there was not much snow, at other parts I was up to my knees in the snow!


I love to watch a good series and my favorite I think has been Shetland. Set in the remote islands between Scotland and Norway, Shetland pairs great landscape with good en interesting stories and a detective I would like to marry! (I really love the character of Jimmy Perez)

Another favorite is Cardinal, set in Canada. Again amazing landscapes and a very sympathetic main character. Good cases as well and well written. 

I also saw Hinterland, a bleak series set in Wales and I am hugely enjoying Vikings! The first three series I mention here are detectives or thrillers and the last one is historical. Or somewhat historical! :-) 

I do hope the coming month will be less hectic and it will be a little easier to maintain my balance and energy.


  1. Sorry work has been so hectic. Some months are like that, aren't they? I love Michael Robotham's books, too. Though I haven't read any of his new series yet. I'm a little jealous of your snow. But it's looking like we might get a good snowstorm this weekend. Fingers crossed. Are all your classes online right now, or are some in person?

    1. At this moment the exam groups are at school and the rest is online. Hopefully we will be open again for the entire school adter March 2nd. but if we still have to maintain 1.5 metres distance, each group will only come to school every 4 days, and the rest is online. It is a mess, and honestly, I feel completely demotivated and sad. And I see no way out. There is no light at the end of the tunnel and we are not even halfway the tunnel.
      Oh well, we will continue, since we do not have a choice, but it is difficult.

      I do hope you are alright in your snowstorm, though!!
      Kind regards,


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