Winter in The Netherlands

This past week we had snow and freezing weather. Half the country came to a halt in the beginning of the week, since the ice made it impossible for the public transport and trains to run. if you are walking outside, you have to be careful. 

But on the days when it was sunny, it was really good to be outside. Last Sunday it was one of the last cold days, and it was very, very cold! But I still loved it. 


  1. Do you guys normally get a lot of snow during the winter in The Netherlands? Your photos are awesome! We got snow today here in Utah, but the temps aren't super cold so we didn't have any issues with freezing ice, which is good. Made the drive to work a little messy but not scary.

    1. We used to get a lot of snow, but in the past years not so much. So this was a nice surprise, but it only lasted a week! The past days we had rain and all the snow melted and the coming week will be almost like spring, with temperatures of 15 degrees centigrade :-) Oh well, that keeps it fun and entertaining. And it gives us Dutchies something to talk about!!

      Kind regards,


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