A walk on a sunny day

Recently I walked in the Kromslootpark again, and it was very beautiful. It was sunny and I was very warm in my coat, even though it was just before ten in the morning. I took a few photographs, although I noticed when I got home, some of them are a bit overexposed :-) I realised I had used a wrong setting on my camera. Well, at least I know what I did wrong and what happened. 

Here are a few landscapes, so no details, no birds, just the landscape. Remember, there is nothing natural about this, it is all man-made, just a couple of years ago. 

In this park there are foxes, hares, rabbits, deer and some sheep. Perhaps also other animals as well, I do not know. And of course there are lots of birds, because there is a lot of water. The name, Kromslootpark, means Park with crooked creeks (well ditches). 


  1. It looks like a lovely place to walk!

    1. It is, I just recently discovered you can also walk here, I only rode my bike here. But on foot you are in a different part of the park. It is beautiful in all seasons, I think.

      Kind regards,


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