Two books set in Paris

Since it is still not possible to travel, reading about other countries and cities is a good alternative. 

Recently I read to books set in Paris and in both books books also played an important part, so what more do we want? I really enjoyed both books. 

The Paris library, Janet Skeslien Charles

This is the story of Odile, who lives in Paris in 1939. She gets a job at the American library and becomes deeply involved in the people who work there and the clients who get their books there. When Paris becomed occupied by the nazi's, the staff of the library starts to deliver books to the homes of the Jewish clientes, who are no longer officially welcome. 

But Odile also has to navigate her homelife with a strict father who is also a policeman and her fiancĂ© Paul. Some choises are very hard. 

In the nineteeneightees in Montana young Lily is fascinated by her neighbour, the stylish and very elegant Mrs. Odile Gustafson. Lily has her own problems in life, but slowly a friendship is formed between these two. 

The Paris library is well written and very beautiful. I liked how the history is merged with the story, and I also loved how nuanced the characters were. Never is the easy option used while writing, and that is something I abolutely appreciate. 

In short, a beautiful book. 

The little Paris bookshop, Nina George

In this charming story, we meet Jean Perdu, the owner of a bookshop, on a barge in the Seine in Paris. He knows what books his clients need, but he is not capable of helping himself. The woman he loved left him twenty years ago, he never read the letter she left him and he has boarded up the room with her furniture. 

Then due to circumstances he does read the letter and realizes he got it all wrong. He needs to find his Marion and in a spur of the moment he casts off the lines and sails away in the barge. On his trip he is accompagnied by two cats, a young writer who is afraid to write and others who also join him. 

Will Jean Perdu be able to make peace with his past and finally find a new future? 

Utterly heartwarming and charming, that is what I can say about this book. I loved the many references to books and reading. I also really enjoyed the way the people were written, they all came alive. 


  1. I loved The Little Paris Bookshop; it's just delightful and fun. :)

    1. Yes, it certainly is! I think you would really enjoy the other one as well.

      Kind regards,


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