Planning, journaling and unfinished projects

I like to be creative, but I must admit I am not very talented in this field. Most of the time this is not a problem since I think that doing something you enjoy is more important than the actual outcome. 

But sometimes I like to try something new, and this Summer planning an journaling came onto my path. With mixed results, I must say!


I love to be organized and I love a good planning system. I used an agenda and several notebooks last year, switched to a bullet journal in February, but I gave this up since I became fed-up with having to make your own schedule every month and week. 

I started to do a little research and found a brand called Happy Planner, and this seemed like a good thing. I have bought one for personal use and one for coming schoolyear. I love how that system (discbound) allows for inserting things you need and taking things out you do not need. The personal one I enjoy very much, the one for school of course must prove its use during the coming schoolyear. 

But planning for me is stricktly functional. I have seen examples of wonderfully decorated spreads in the Happy Planner, but this is not for me. I just cannot be bothered. So, although it functions really well to organize, my creative side needed something else. 


A friend of mine has taken up journaling, and this sounded interesting. I also found that there are several forms of journaling. I looked closer into Bible-journaling, since I do want to understand the Bible a little better (especially the Old Testament, since this is not always easy to understand). This looked like a really cool way to combine the both. 

Again, on the internet I found the most amazing examples of decorated pages. I bought a study bible  (I did not want to write in my actual Bible) and a box of crayons and soon found out that I loved writing notes in this Bible, and using colours to underline phrases and sentences, the actual decorating is less important to me. 

A reading journal perhaps, would that be something? I used one of my many notebooks to start one, and even made some collages about books I read.

But I am afraid my inspiration is completely exhausted with these three spreads and this is the end of my reading journal. 

Sometimes you have to try something before you know it is not the thing for you. I will continue to look and try things, perhaps there are other things I like, or other forms of journaling that are more to my taste.