Miss Dior, Justine Picardie

The cover of my Dutch version
Catherine Dior was the sister of fashion designer Christian Dior. She was born in 1917 and she and her brother had a close bond. 

During WWII Catherine joined the French resistance, and gave information about the nazi's to the English allies. She was arrested and sent to Ravensbruch, a concentrationcamp in Germany especially for women. The conditions were horrible and many women died. 

Catherine survived, although she would suffer from the harsh treatment and the torture she endured until the end of her life. Catherine almost never spoke about her heroic work during the war. 

Instead, she lived in the Provence and tended the roses that were needed for the perfume her brother created in her honour, Miss Dior. 

After her brother died, she took care of his inheritance. 

This remarkable woman is the subject of this very interesting book, that I really enjoyed to read and that I really recommend. 

Published in 2021