Two little cats

My little cat Eefje likes to drink from the watering can on the balcony. I am not sure why, since she has fresh water inside the house, but that is what cats do! Even now she has her food in the morning and after that she wants to go to the balcony to drink. And of course, I dutifully open the balcony door for her (as a good cat-mom does). 

But now the weather is bad, it is cold and it rains often. So I placed a plate near the door to make sure she could still drink her dirty rainwater, but she does not have to go out completely to the balcony in the rain and cold. 

Eefje drinking from the watering can

There is dirt in on the plate, but it does not seems to matter to Eefje.
She enjoys drinking from this plate and in this spot.

Pomme on the other hand is not interested in drinking dirty water on the balcony, she just wants to sleep.


  1. Eefje looks so cute drinking out of the watering can! Cats are so fun, aren't they? :D

    1. Cats are the best. Cats rule the universe as far as I am concerned!!

      Kind regards,


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