No-buy and low-buy this year, the results.

In the beginning of the year I said I wanted 2022 to be a no buy or low-buy year. I had several categories and some good resolutions to be more careful with what I would spend. 

How did I do? 

Low buy. 

These were the categories I wanted to spend little money. 

- plants, just to replace the ones who died

- balcony plants, just for the existing pots.

- make-up and skin care, just to replace items that are used-up.

- clothes, no more than 10 items

-DVD's, no more than 12 

- books, one a month

What are the results? Well, in most sections I did not do to badly. I only bought eight houseplants in November to replace the ones that had died this year. 

I only bought daycream to replace an empty jar and eyeliner when it was used-up. I was careful with the plants on my balcony, I did not buy as many as I wanted and only two more pots than I already had. So that was not bad. 

In November I bought 4 pieces of clothing, and that was all for 2022 year, apart from underwear, but I do not count that. I do need to buy two more pairs of jeans, since two pairs I own are on the brink of desintegrating. But that is replacing something that is beyond repair and that is necessary.  

The only categories I failed completely was with the books and DVD's. I bought an enormous amount of books throughout the year and also lots of films and series on DVD. This must change, I buy too much. I do not have netflix or any other way to watch loads ofd series, so I do rely on my DVD's, but first it is an enormous amount of money and secondly it all takes up a lot of space. 


I did not want to spend any money on items in these categories.

- subscriptions to magazines

- no magazines in the supermarket

- no items for the house

- no bedlinen or towels etc

- no stationary or notebooks. 

How did that work out? I bought no subscriptions and no bedlinen or towels, so that is good. 

I did buy some baskets for organisation in the house, and two items of decoration. I also bought two magazines this year with my normal groceries in the supermarket (I could not resist Garderners' world) and I did buy two new notebooks. So not a complete succes, but I do not think I did too bad. 

On the whole, in most categories I was more prudent than I was, and I tried to think before I bought something. I will have to come up with a new resolution for the books and DVD's, so I will think about that. 

In the new year, I will tell you my new resolutions and how I think I can tackle certain weak areas. I will continue with these reolutions, because it makes me more aware of what I buy and that is always a good thing. 


  1. Well done, all things considered. We all have our weak points - in my case that's clearly stationery and books. One day, I walked into a 1 € shop, just to 'have a look', and I came out with 20 rolls of washi tape (for about 8 or 9 €... a real bargain!). That was a bit shocking! I organised all my stationery and note cards so they are in one place - not scattered all over, as they used to be - and I was wide-eyed to see what I already had! I put myself on a no-shopping ban for stationery for several months, and that wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I bought fewer books this year than last year, so I consider that a success. I think it's important to be aware and mindful about what we buy. I will continue to make efforts in that over the years to come, so we are in the same boat here :-)

    1. Organizing things to see cleary what you already own is a good thing. I also try to contain things to bins etc, and cannot buy more than fit into the bin. Oh yes, stationary and books. I love both as well.
      I do have some ideas to tackle my other week spots, like the books, and I will share those in January.

      Kind regards,


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