The evolution of my balcony this past year

In 2022  I wanted to make my balcony beautiful again, since I knew I would not be going away in the Summer.  

This was how I started in the Spring. It looks like a mess, I had my work cut out for me!

But then I bought violets and that made it all much better. I love violets. 

During the Summer I had a lot of pots, and also planted some plants into large bins. I hope these will survive the Winter and grow and bloom again coming Spring. 

I also changed things a bit and put the table that used to stand in that corner on my other small balcony and had this large tub with plants over here.  

After the Summer, I made sure to get rid of old plants and I pruned all the other plants. I also planted bulbs into pots, and hopefully they will come up this Spring. 
This is the balcony for the Winter.