What have I been doing?

In the past months I have been reading a lot. I am busy with two little reading projects, reading all the Agatha Christie detectives and reading Bronte. I am making really nice progress in both projects. I have already read more than 12 Agatha Christies and I now I am reading them in chronological order I see how she developed as a writer. 

I love reading all the Bronte books. I am almost finished with all the novels. I did read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, but I never read the other novels, until now. 

I love the novels by Anne Bronte, both Agnes Grey and The tenant of Wildfell Hall

I also loved many parts of Shirley by Charlotte Bronte and now I am reading Vilette. This is not an easy read (and since there is no Dutch translation of this book, I have to read it in English), but I do love it. I also have The professor and Emma Browne still on my shelves, and also many non-fiction books and books based on their lives and novels. In short, I am completely emerged into The Brontes and I am loving it. 

For the rest I am also walking a lot and taking photo's whenever I can. I love seeing the signs of the coming Spring everywhere! I also see this on my balcony, and that is always amazing. 

Coming Saturday I will go to the Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with my parents. I will share my impressions next week. I am looking forward to this. 


  1. That sounds good to me, and I look forward to hearing about the Vermeer exhibition! On a sidenote, your card arrived. I will get back to you hopefully soon!

    1. Not sure why google says I'm anonymous. I have had a few issues with that recently :-( Anyway, it's Ginette :-)

    2. Good to hear from you! I am glad the card arrived. Google is doing weird things at the moment, I have the same problem when I want to leave a comment.
      I am so looking forward to Vermeer, I can hardly wait!

      Kind regards,


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