Pomme the cat

My cat Pomme is doing really well, I am happy to say.  I don't think she suffers from the loss of Eefje anymore. The first days she was really searching for her, and the weeks after that she was a bit more reserved. 

But in the past weeks she has been seeking my company, often she sleeps on the sofa next to me, and she even sits on my lap every now and then!! I am very happy with that, nothing says 'I love you and trust you' more than when a cat sleeps on your lap. 

She has nights she sleeps on my bed, and moments she does not, and I always let a cat completely free in this. At this moment she also found the dining room-chairs, and loves the sun there in the morning. 

I hope my Pomme and I will be healthy and happy for many years to come. To share how beautiful and cute she is, here are some photo's of her.


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