After eleven years the time has come to stop with this blog. After all these years it is enough. 

I have really enjoyed blogging and I tried to post at least once a week, although I did not always manage this, especially in the last years. 

I am also closing my Dutch blog after 12 years. 

The reason is quite simple, I have different hobbies at the moment, other creative outlets and although I do have a few more ideas, I do not really want to write articles anymore. 

So, it is time to stop. 

The fun part of blogging is always the contact with other people, and I want to thank the people who read my articles and left comments. I really appreciate it, 

So thank you all, and I wish you all the best for the future. Good books, beautiful art, flowers and photographs and all things that make life worthwhile!

I will leave this blog up, so people can still read old articles if they want to. 



  1. I'll miss you Bettina! It was such fun doing our buddy reads all those years ago. But I'm glad you're moving on for such good reasons. Good luck with all your creative endeavors. And I hope life brings you lots of joy and happiness. :D

    1. Thank you so much, Lark, I have loved our contact and I will keep on checking your blog, so you will see me pop up there every now and then :-)

      Kind regards, Bettina


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