Friday, 1 May 2015

New camera

I am not really into gadgets. I usually do not buy a new thing unless the old one is broken. I have had my mobile phone for eight years until I bought my smartphone, I have owned my alarmclock for almost twenty years now and my digital camera was eight years old already.

Last month I finally bought a new camera. It was time, I think. My old camera only had 3xzoom, 7.1 megapixels and a memorycard of 2Gb.

I asked for money for my birtyhday and found a new camera that was affordable, practical and userfriendly. I did not want to buy a huge camera, since I like to carry my camera around in my pocket when I am somewhere.

I settled on the Canon SX600 HS. It has 18xzoom, 16 megapixels and a memorycard that has 16Gb. The past weeks I have been trying to get used to it and I think I have the functions I am most likely to use under control!

Fun part is, next week I will go to Florence in Italy (looking forward to that!!), so I think I can make some really beautiful photographs there.
My previous digital camera was also bought before a trip to Florence, so I like that this camera will also get baptized there!

To give you an idea of the difference in quality, here are two photographs, both made from the same spot. I was sitting in my study, and made a photograph of the plants in my bedroom. The first photograph is with my old camera on full zoom, the second photograph is made with the new camera.
Need I say more? These pictures say more than a thousand words!

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