My trip to Venice (April 2019)

Last week I was in Venice again. I had been looking forward to it a lot, since I had been working too much in the previous weeks and I really needed a break.
So I was not the fittest person going on holiday (and I also got a terrible cold as well), but I figured that it did not matter, I could always adjust my programme and sit down more often or something like that.

Day one
On Tuesday I arrived quite early. I prefer a flight where I arrive in the morning, so I have the afternoon to explore the city.
All the travelling went well and I had no problems. I took the bus from Marco Polo airport (bought a retourticket for 15 euro's) and the bus takes you to Venice in 20 minutes.

My hotel was Hotel Caprera, a small but nice hotel. The staff is friendly, my room small but clean and it had everything I needed, so I was very happy. It is located just 10 minutes walk from the Piazzale Roma where the busses stop, so that was ideal.

Unfortunately, this day it rained. It poured!!
I took my umbrella and my small camera and decided to walk around. After all, Venice is always beautiful, also in the rain! I saw Venice from a side I have never seen before! I did hope it would be dry the next day, since my wet clothes (despite the umbrella) had made me quite cold.

I walked along Cannereggio, to the Rialto bridge and the San Marco and then back to the hotel. I walked about 7 kilometres that day.

Day two
Luckily for me it was indeed dry the following day. I had not slept well due to my cold and the coughing (I just hoped I did not keep the whole hotel awake with my barking.)

I just went out to walk in the direction of the Accademia. I got lost several times, but that is normal in Venice, I never end up where I wanted to go :-) I visited the beautiful Basilica Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari. It is amazing inside and houses one of the most beautiful Madonna's with child by Bellini.

After lunching near the waterside I visited the Gallerie Dell'Accademia, one of my favorite museums. I walked back to the hotel getting lost a couple of times, but ending up eating peppermint icecream and sitting on a bench in a small park.
Life is good in moments like that.

I walked 12 kilometres that day.

Day three
This day I bought a day card for the Vaparetto (the waterbus) since I wanted to visit the islands Burano and Torcello. I visited Burano before, but very shortly, and Torcello was new for me. I love the Vaparetto, even if it is crowded and you have to stand. The laguna is beyond beautiful and at a day like this I wish I lived in Venice and had my own boat, so I could visit the laguna every day.

Burano was very nice, I love the colourful houses. The weather was perfect now, slight breeze, 20 degrees centigrade and sunny.

Torcello was a real surprise, I loved the ancient cathedral that was built in 639. I will write a longer post on Torcello soon.

After that I took the Vaparetto back to Venice and walked to the church of the Madonna dell'Orto, where the painter Tintoretto was buried.

That  day I walked 10,5 kilometeres.

Of course, I also ate amazing pasta's, had a few peppermint-gelato's and just walked around, looking up and around and enjoying myself immensly.

I loved to be in Venice again. This time of year there were still other tourists, but it was possible to walk in a normal way in the small streets. There are still so many things I have not seen, so many islands I still want to visit, that I do not think it will take me very long to come back to Venice!


  1. What a fun trip! Venice is beautiful even in the rain. I'm glad you had such a good time, and that you found new Venice sights to enjoy. And your photos, as always, are amazing. Thanks for sharing them! (And I hope you're over your cough.)

    1. Thank you so much, I loved being in Venice again and in fact, I long to get back. I will share more Venice stories and photographs in the coming weeks.

      Kind regards,


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