Update May 2020

The past week it was May vacation, and this was much needed. The primary schools in The Netherlands will open again coming week (under conditions) and if all goes well, I hope high schools will follow in June. But I do not dare hope too much, in case we will not open then.

So apart from online teaching and spending way too much time behind a computer screen, what am I doing?

I try to go out for a walk almost every day, or at least 5 times a week. Somehow I notice the blossoms and the beautiful flowers much more than I can remember from previous years. It is lovely.

I also got some plants on my balcony, and I enjoy these immensly. I have herbs all together in one pot, Basil, Thyme and Rosemary. I also have a paprika and a tomato plant. I did not buy these for the harvest, but for the joy of watching something grow. Oh, and I have loads of lavender. I love lavender.
Some of my herbs, doesn't this pot look great? 

I am trying to do things that take me away from reality, and therefore I am watching Midsomer Murders. I will watch the first 13 series with John Nettles as DCI John Barnaby, since I just love John Nettles! I am just in season 3, so more than enough episodes left with ridiculous bodycounts, set in lovely English villages to keep me happy.
The cosiest murders in the whole of England. And many episodes are actually very good!
John Nettles and Daniel Casey as DCI Barnaby and DS Troy

I have read some great books. I have been re-reading some Agatha Christies (Five little pigs, The murder of Roger Ackroyd), but I also finsihed a novel by the French author Philippe Lancon. He was a journalist at Charlie Hebdo and was gravely injured during the attacks in january 2015. This is the account of how he survived and how he overcame this trauma, and the teribble things he had to endure to recover.

I think the English title Disturbance is not as good as the French or the Dutch. In French it is Le lambeau, meaning The patch. The patch of skin grafted from his thigh, the surgeons used to rebuilt his jaw and cheek. The English cover is also rather horrible, so I am not showing that here.

I can say it is a very moving account, not a book you can read in one go, but it gives you a lot of respect for Philippe Lancon and the way he and other people who are victims of horrible and cowardice attacks like this survive.

So, to finish, here is another photograph of my balcony, just because it is so lovely.


  1. Glad you're hanging in there and doing okay. And the plants on your balcony are so beautiful! I'd want to be out there all the time. Have a good week this week. :D

    1. Yes, I am very happy with my balcony at the moment, it is my little part of paradise!

      Kind regards,

    2. Hey, I've been rereading that book you sent me once, Street of Thieves. I needed something with some depth and well-written prose. And I'm loving it even more this second time around. So thanks again! :D

    3. That is so good to hear, I love it when a book is even better the second time you read it! And yes, it is a beautiful book.

      Kind regards,


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