The green kitchen, David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl

Last week I spotted another good cookbook and of course I immediately bought it
I always enjoy learning new recipes, especially vegetarian ones. I do not eat totally vegetarian, but try to do so as much as possible. I can always use some inspiration for good vegetarian recipes.

Well, there is more than enough inspiration in The green kitchen. David is Swedish and Luise is Danish and together with their daughter they live in Göteborg. They have a blog and now a cookbook.

The green kitchen is full with delicious and relatively easy to prepare dishes, all of them without meat or fish. They do use other animal products like eggs, cheese and milk, but often they give tips on how to change the recipe to make it fit for vegans. Most of the recipes are gluten-free.

The book starts with advice about the cupboards (always a good thing) and some basic recipes like vegetable stock. Then there are recipes for breakfast, light meals, snacks, family dinners and deserts.

Most of the recipes look absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to start cooking. I also checked out their blog, and that is also full of great ideas.

David, Luise and daughter Else
Published in 2013