Impressions of Napels

In the last few days I was in Napels and I absolutely loved it. The city is vibrant and loud, has crazy traffic, beautiful churches, friendly people and layers and layers of history and art. I will definately come back here one day, but first, a few impressions of Napels!.

Mount Vesuvius. Nobody knows when it will burst out again, but one thing is sure,
when it happens, Napels is doomed. 

These red 'peppers' give protection against the evil eye and help with fertility. 

The convent of Santa Chiara had the most amazing garden.


View of Napels


  1. Great pics! Love that laundry one. :)

    1. Very typical of Napels! I read once that if you want to move the entire city out of the way, you only have to pull on one washingline, and the whole city will come with it.

      Kind regards,


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