Travel plans 2020

Each year I love thinking about which city-trips I want to take. Which cities in Italy and France will I visit and during which vacation?

This year I am thinking about two cities in Italy and two in France. I would like to go to Palermo in May, but I am looking for a direct flight, I am nog looking forward to a transfer. But perhaps I will find a connection that will be alright.

If I go to Palermo in May, I think I would like to visit Bordeaux in the Summer.

But, if I do not go to Palermo, this May, I will go to Bordeaux this May and then I think I will go to Turin in the Summer. And I think a short trip to Paris in the Summer, just like last year, will also be in the planning

So it all depends on me finding a good flight to Palermo and then I will know which other cities I will visit as well. Of course, it is entirely possible I will go somewhere else, but for now, this is the plan. Sort of.

I just love thinking about holidays and vacations and trips and finding out all the different possibilities!! (half the fun for me!)


  1. Fingers crossed you find some good flights! All these cities sound amazing. :D

    1. Yes, I know it will not really matter where I will go to, all of these destinations are great and all cities are beautiful. I will make a choice by the end of February :-) (at least for May)

      Kind regards,


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